Would you encourage high school seniors to apply for the Gauvin Scholarship?

Responses from our 2017 Gauvin Scholars:


"Yes, for sure. You get to meet new people, get exposure to different employers in the community. The title of 'Gauvin Scholar' shows that you are at a certain high level and local employers recognize that. They see when you're a scholar that you have a desire to stay in Aroostook County and you're going to be around for the long haul, not just a temporary employee."
-Kristen Haney
2017 Gauvin Scholar

"Definitely, it helped me so much in the long run and the financial aid was a bonus. AAI helps academically, socially, and financially. It all plays a part."

-Meghan Cole
2017 Gauvin Scholar

"Yes, I've recommended the scholarships to kids in Easton and encouraged them to apply because the Gauvins are good people and they've helped a lot of students. I'm a big advocate of AAI."

-Zachary Hammond
2017 Gauvin Scholar

"Yes, it's a great program to make connections with other students going through the same stage of life. You're able to meet peers, bond and go through shared experiences like coming from a small school/town. AAI allows you to branch out and meet new people also going to college for the first time."

-Kathleen Haney
2017 Gauvin Scholar

"Yes, definitely. It's great incentive to stay in the County. New grads don't like to give the County a chance, but AAI is super helpful financially and professionally and can help students get their foot in the door career-wise."

-Kevin McAfee
2017 Gauvin Scholar

"If you know you're going to school and have intentions to stay in Aroostook County, absolutely. It's a good way to meet new people and gain access to a network of professionals all the way from the trades to the medical field to the business world."

-David Roy
2017 Gauvin Scholar

"Yes. I know that when I was in high school I found it annoying to have to apply to things, but I learned a lot through AAI and the interviewing was so important. I use what I learned in the mock interviewing sessions to interview potential employees where I work now. AAI is 'hands-on' and taught me a lot about what to expect in college and beyond."
-Libby Theriault
2017 Gauvin Scholar

"Yes, absolutely. It's a great financial help, but it also helped break the social bubble and helped with expectations about what to prepare for college. It gave me a sneak peek from people who had experienced college life."

-Alex Ruest
2017 Gauvin Scholar

"If they plan to stay in the County, yes! It's a great and helpful program."

-Jacquilin West
2017 Gauvin Scholar

Responses from our 2016 Gauvin Scholars:


"Yes, the resources for incoming college students were helpful and I appreciated that AAI is different than other scholarship organizations in that they provide more resources to students transitioning into college life. It isn't just about money."

-Savannah Flint
2016 Gauvin Scholar

"Yes, because the scholar resources were helpful and the information was like a sneak peek for what to expect in academic life."

-Sarah Watt
2016 Gauvin Scholar

"Yes, it helps significantly with financial burden. Also, some events they do are great for looking for a job and networking opportunities."

-Brittany Corey
2016 Gauvin Scholar

"Yes, it is a well-respected scholarship."

-Garrett Olson
2016 Gauvin Scholar

"Absolutely, I think it's an amazing program and I appreciate that it recognizes Aroostook pride and work ethic."

-Mariah Boyd
2016 Gauvin Scholar

"Yes, it definitely gives you connections to helpful people that can connect you with job opportunities and peers."

-Samantha Williams
2016 Gauvin Scholar

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