Congratulations to our 2021 Gauvin Scholars!

gauvin scholars 2021

Our 2021 scholars are beginning their first semester of college and they have you to thank for that!
Due to the ongoing impact of COVID-19, we have changed our scholar programming in the past year. Instead of the live in-person training sessions we used to have on campus over the course of several days, we have begun putting resources online for our students. We recently acquired an online mentoring platform which will allow us to keep in touch with our scholars, upload professional instructional videos on various topics, and connect them with local mentors who will be able facilitate internship and career opportunities.

Video topics for first-year scholars: College Fears, Wellness in College, Learning Styles, Time & Stress Management, Campus Safety/Security, College Goal Setting, Study Habits in College, Budgeting and Finances: Money Management in College, Finances in College: Loans, Lending and Credit, Social Media in College

Video topics for second-year scholars: Professional Goal Setting, Transitioning from College to Career, Career Field Series: Education, Nursing, Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement, Business Administration, Banking/Financial Services, Professional Social Media

In addition to the above videos, we are also planning on hosting live presentations in spring 2022 for our second-year students on the topics of Networking, Leadership Training, Career Actions, and Resume Feedback


Congratulations to our 2020 Gauvin Scholars!

gauvin scholars 2020

2020 description

In light of the UMPI campus being closed to the public due to COVID-19 this past summer, we were unable to host our usual live training called the College Success Program. In the past, this was a 2-day event where we introduced first-year scholars to the college environment and helped them build self-confidence and goal-oriented enthusiasm as they entered academic life. Second-year scholars develop skills that advance professional opportunities, such as leadership, resume building, and interviewing.

Instead of a live session this year, our first and second-year scholars met using video conferencing and will be provided with a handbook with notes from past local event speakers. They discussed their fears about college but also what they were most excited about. Our second-year scholars gave the new scholars their best advice and what they learned during their first year of academic life. One seasoned scholar's advice was to not be shy with professors and to be in regular contact with them. Another said she strongly recommended making a schedule of times for classes, homework, self-care and social time. They had a wonderful time getting to know each other and sharing their stories!

2019 Gala

2019 Gauvin Scholars Elizabeth Collins and Kassie Nelson enjoy some delicious food at the 2019 Night with the Stars gala VIP reception.

2019 Gauvin Scholar, Kylie Vining, sprouting wings as she attends the 2019 Night with the Stars gala VIP reception.

2019 Scholar Success Weekend

2018 Night With The Stars Gala

Scholars Weekend