Don Zillman, Former President of the University of Maine at Presque Isle and University of Maine at Fort Kent

As the former president of two of the County's institutions of higher education, I am so delighted with the AAI/Gauvin County Scholarship Fund initiative. The initiative will benefit future college students all over the County at a time that the costs of higher education threaten access for students of modest means. Of equal importance, the fund encourages students to stay in the County for their higher education. That considerably increases the chance that those college graduates will remain in the County AFTER graduation and become the skilled employees, business and civic leaders, and entrepreneurs who will grow Aroostook County in the decades to come.

Jim Patterson, Former President of NMCC and the Maine School of Math and Science

The AAI/Gauvin County Scholarship Fund helps graduating Aroostook high school seniors, desiring a post-secondary education, by directly addressing the dual issues of cost and access.

Graduating seniors in Aroostook County can receive a scholarship at any of the county's four colleges; and research indicates that a significant percentage of students will stay within the geographic area where they completed their degree. This is a wonderful initiative for Northern Maine.

Dr. John Fitzsimmons, President Maine Community College System

Ray and Sandy Gauvin have established an endowed scholarship fund to support graduating seniors in Aroostook County in their efforts to attend college. This remarkable gift reflects their values and their belief that higher education is the gateway to a promising future. This effort represents the best of Maine and challenges all of us to try and make a difference in the lives of others.

Dana Connors, President Maine State Chamber of Commerce

Very few things in life are more promising and give us greater meaning than helping our youth reach their highest potential, be as successful as possible, and live where they choose. Your efforts to help our County's youth to pursue their education, and find ways to seek their careers within Aroostook County provides such an opportunity.

Durward Huffman, President Emeritus, Northern Maine Community College

The AAI/Gauvin County Scholarship is an important financial benefit to high school graduates from Aroostook County. In today's economy, many students struggle to meet the financial demands of post-secondary education, and this scholarship may provide the funding needed for a county resident to pursue and/or continue their post-secondary program, graduate and become an outstanding citizen of The County. Further, by assisting to increase the post-secondary degree holders in The County, this will also enhance the economic base of the region and Maine. I congratulate Raynold and Sandy Gauvin for establishing this scholarship. It will certainly help many County residents in pursuing an associate and/or a baccalaureate degree in future years.

Susan M. Collins, United States Senator

Dear Friends,
Congratulations to Ray and Sandy Gauvin on the launch of the Gauvin County Scholarship Fund. It is my pleasure to thank them for their commitment to benefiting the futures of Aroostook County students..

Meg Baxter, President & CEO, Mitchell Institute

The Mitchell Institute is proud to support the Gauvin Scholarship Fund. The mission and goals of our two organizations are closely aligned...